A boutique digital marketing consultancy that specialises in combining creative and media thinking from the get go - not as an afterthought. We help brands find opportunities in a fast paced digital world with new ways of thinking, new ways to execute with new partnerships.


Meet your partners


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We are a start-up boutique digital marketing business, founded in 2016, specialising in creative media strategy and planning upfront - not as an afterthought. These are the fundamentals of any digital projects.

Lauren Brener has a background in creative industries ranging from both brand and agency side. She started her career in the retail industry working brand side for the likes of VF Europe and LVMH when she then transitioned into creative planning within a digital performance-marketing environment. She speaks fluent German and has a grounding in French & Italian.

Frances Para-Mallam has a background in creative (graphic design) before transitioning into strategic and creative consultancy on agency side. Her analytical experience with her creative know how, provided her with the tools to start up the first creative department within a traditional performance marketing business.


Our industry is fragmented, creative agencies and media agencies are still working in silos, adding complexity to the process.


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Our story

We met about 7 years ago in a performance marketing agency in London, where we were both told that we were going to work with someone that we would get on really well with. As two creatives working in a media agency we were already set apart from the rest of the agency. We were briefed to work on the agency’s first social media pitch. This was our first opportunity to experiment with different concepts and business models. We won the pitch and within 3 years together in that agency we built a creative team within a media business, working across 20+ brands tying creative and media planning together. We believe in experimenting with different concepts and ideas with creative and media at the heart of the solution.  

The light bulb moment

We joked for ages about setting up on our own, sitting during our lunch breaks fantasising over the idea, (giving ourselves the name F & L Media) but in the end, we decided to go our separate ways to see what other agencies were doing. We discovered that everyone was selling everything, their mother’s and the kitchen sink and never delivering. The industry was so fragmented, creative and media agencies were still working in silos adding complexity to the process. The only people truly losing out were clients. We wanted to put a stop to that. The solutions clients needed had to be from both creative and media working in tandem, hence why we felt we could carve our niche in the industry and start DUO Creative Media. 


We believe in experimenting with different concepts and ideas but with creative and media at the heart of the solution.


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Our highlights


We have done a lot since launching DUO Creative Media in 2016, it was important for us to take the time to celebrate our achievements, even the small ones like reaching the coveted 2 year milestone. We are grateful to have worked with some amazing people and brands to date - long may it continue.

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