Interview with For Working Ladies

We were interviewed by the amazing founder of For Working Ladies , for the She’s My Co-Founder series.

Here is a little snippet of the interview below - feel free to check out the rest of the interview here

There’s a myth that “women can’t work together because we tend to be quite emotional, petty etc” and some other lies, what are your thoughts on this and what message do you have for people that hold this opinion?

Lauren: It is a shame that these stereotypes exist. Yes there are always office politics where emotions run high – but that happens with both men and women – so pointing the finger that women can’t work together is a bit of a lazy statement. It is important that women support other women in the workplace as it through this that we elevate each other and debunk the myth. I have worked with some incredible women (other than Frances of course) who have taught, championed and inspired my career in different ways. Women are emotional – yet this is what makes us human.

Frances: This is an old fashioned, generalisation. It echoes old narratives – putting women into the uncontrollable, irrational boxes that completely ignore ability and talent. It is a statement that tries to simplify what some might deem as complex. We have to try to stay away from commentary that plays to stereotypes and rather focuses on encouragement and champion what makes us unique. Our emotions are a part of this.

frances kehinde