Interview with Mac and Moore

A little snippet from our interview with the fabulous founders of Mac and Moore - check out their website for the full interview :

Name a brand/product who's producing world-class advertising with results and tell us why you think they're #winning 

Brands who are producing world-class advertising are those who are unashamedly consumer-led. Brands that are co-created by committees/crowd-sourced, are the brands that are here to stay.  An example of this is the brand Glossier, the $100 Million business that’s disrupting the beauty industry. They have done a fantastic job in turning their niche, underground cult blog into a main stream international brand simply by paying close attention to their consumers and creating new products with them. We truly live in exciting times. Who would have thought it was possible for a humble start up to be competing with the likes of L'Oreal? We love this quote from renowned business thinker Mark Stevenson:

 "Only the impossible is interesting. The concept of Impossible that is driving entrepreneurs and innovators around the world to push boundaries and find ever more  innovative ways to create wealth and new possibilities "

frances kehinde