Why we created a Christmas Zine


As most agencies start to wind down for Christmas break, two things tend to come up in conversation amongst Account teams and Creative teams:

“What should we send to our clients to show off our creativity?”

“What did we send last year and how much is it going to cost?” is normally what the Finance teams contribute to the conversations.

Whether big, small or medium size, for all agencies, the agency Christmas card is a coveted opportunity to generate some attention within the industry, amongst peers and prospective clients.

The goal is to be remembered and be known for something - for example, having great wit, or insightful creativity, or for side-splitting humour… The list is endless.

Some agencies spend months on it, and rightly so, as it does tend to garner a lot of industry press from the likes of Campaign Live, The Drum, Ad Week, Digi Day,  Ads of the World to name a few.

Most agencies leave it until the last minute and pressurise their creative teams to come up with witty, non-salesy but interesting Christmas card ideas that don’t offend anyone.

For a start up agency like ourselves - we decided to look at this as an opportunity.

When it came to thinking about our Christmas card, our first thought was we need something interesting, something fresh and new.

Standing out from the crowd is always one of our biggest challenge.

We were inspired by the artful Dave Trott’s Push Thinking theory and the story about the Michelin Guide. The Michelin Guide is universally recognised as the most influential indicator of gastronomic ability but it didn’t start out to be a guide to cuisine. It started out as a way of selling tyres. The team who created the guide thought to themselves, instead of running advertising constantly nagging people to use your product, show them something they’d love to do. Something that doesn’t even involve mentioning your product. Something fun. And incidentally, without even mentioning it, you’ve created a need for more sales of your product.

So we have borrowed that exact thinking.

Rather than spending hours thinking of an Christmas card idea solely trying to promote ourselves, let’s just share things that inspire us that could inspire them too.

A collection of curated artefacts and visuals that will excite them for 2019!

This quickly turned the idea of creating a Christmas card into a small Christmas Zine.

In everything we do, we want to create something meaningful and impactful while living out our principles of partnerships.

So for our 2018 edition, we are pleased to announce our partnership with the illustrious NewspaperClub and renowned artist Hormazd Narielwalla to make our very first set of Christmas zines! 

We hope we can grow this tradition over the years as our business grows and have the opportunity to feature more upcoming artists and great thinkers that can fuel and feed our creativity.

The ambition is that one day this Zine will be sought after as it promises a hopeful glance at the future and hopefully positions us as the right partners to create that future with.

Get in touch if you would like a free copy of our 2018 Edition!

frances kehinde