humble beginnings

“I have just hired someone that you are going to get on really well with…”

Those were the words Frances heard – a month into working at the media agency as their first graphic designer.

How did they know?! We had never met. We were never informed in interview that we would be paired with each other.

It must have been fate.

5 years later – here we are, business partners – a DUO by name and nature.


When we first met - It became really apparent to us, quite early on – that the media industry (no matter what facet) was a fickle business. Trends appear on a weekly basis, agencies make massive statements/ promises, the continual battle between creative to understand media and vice versa and the rise of the all important word ‘Content’ became an ongoing struggle.

Being paired up in our media agency allowed us to do and think about process, ideas and industry a bit differently.

These observations and experiences allowed us to help craft the reasoning for the foundation of duo creative Media and what it stands for, as well as giving us a distinct point of view:


From Frances

1)   It was at a time where social was still very much a taboo subject. Everyone had a Facebook account – but it wasn’t really a service. No one had a winning formulae for selling or servicing social media. We had to come up with a way to sell, scale and service the channel from scratch. This provided us with a way in to combine our creative know how with our agency's USPs in media. It effectively created the foundation for our appreciation for creative media.


2)   Biddable media was much more of a focus. Therefore data & information already existed. We had access to this information from every facet of the media environment – yet saw that there was little to no inspiration on how to surface or present it.  We were able to test, question and develop ideas, as there was no hierarchy in place from a creative standpoint to tell us if we were wrong. If we got it wrong – we learnt from our mistakes and used the information to make further informed decisions. If we got it right – we used information to leverage for future work.  



From Lauren

3)   We hated the chaos of multiple agencies in the room fighting over budgets, ideas & process. Nothing ever came out the way we all wanted. It was always a last minute struggle, shoehorning ideas, late night phone calls to try and sort out missing segments of strategy, copying and pasting past presentations into new ones & post rationalising insight into strategy. Not the most glamorous or the most efficient of processes. 


4)   Creative agencies never spoke properly with media agencies & vice versa. It was as if you were talking to the enemy if you were caught swapping notes and collaborating. This made no sense to us. Why wouldn’t everyone want to work together to ensure the best possible outcomes? Equally – it became such an inefficient way to work that we decided to take on the role of both creative strategists and media planners (a tall order) yet allowed us to seamlessly create ideas and distribution plans that worked together and not against one another.

We always believed there was a better way. A better way for us to work and a better way for us to collaborate with brands – and 5 years on – we are still fighting the corner to produce effective, thought provoking and efficient work.

Our humble beginnings have allowed us to tailor what we do for different brands, projects & partnerships. We are honest about the work we do, how we do it and show an incredible amount of passion in what we do.




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